Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The dummy heads

Morgan is in Arlington, Texas, for two weeks of training, so I thought I would upload a video of the cat and dog for her to see.

Isn't this fun?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Valentine's Day

For part of Morgan's present for St. Valentine's Day, I built for her a shelf in the garage where she can store stuff. Not very romantic, I know, but for someone who frequents auctions to the point where she has her very own seat saved for her for each auction, this might be a handy addition. She bought so much at the last auction that she put herself on auction probation. I didn't ask how much she spent. I didn't want to know.

Considering that I didn't sit down and draw this out before starting to build it, it turned out nicely, and should house all of her stuff once she gets off auction probation.

I even added a heart. In orange, no less.

Morgan borrowed a carpet steam cleaner from her parents that we used to clean the carpets in the wake of adding two pets to the family, though I'm not sure if our landlord cleaned the carpets before we moved in. I doubt it seriously judging from what this thing pulled up.

With the carpets cleaned, and they really look great, Bubba has to be good. His house training is going OK, but he hasn't yet started letting us know when he has to go outside. We work with him and have him on a schedule of sorts, but he's still only a few months old so it might be a bit.

While I was cleaning the carpet in Morgan's office, I brought Bubba in with me so I could watch him. Well, I was keeping an eye on him; I was too busy to watch him. The next thing I know, he'd made a pile right where I had just cleaned.