Monday, May 17, 2010

Furry Friend Time

Stinky and Bubba have become good friends over the last few months. They have a sort of daily throw-down that lets Bubba play and lets Stinky beat the crap out of Bubba and everyone leaves happy. We call it Furry Friend Time.

Behind the two furry dummy heads you can see how much the flower garden in front of the door has grown. Morgan added a set of solar lights to the walkway that is really cool.

We really need to paint that door.

The garden gets very little sunlight during the day, but we're still giving it a try. I planted beans, garlic, cucumber, peas, hot peppers and corn to go with the herbs, tomatoes, onions, potatoes and even more peas that Morgan planted. Yesterday, I staked the beans and the peas and we caged two of the tomato plants.

So far it's clear that we'll have all the rocks that we can eat.

Probably my biggest accomplishment today was changing out the front tires on the lawn mower. This was no easy task, but with the help from the guys at the local lawn mower shop, I was able to do it myself. It steers so much easier now that it has inflated tires and grease in the steering sector.

I finally sorted out the float situation and have it running pretty well now. The Briggs & Stratton engine employs a gas tank that is lower than the carburetor. That's the source of our problems now. If we mow on an incline and have the tank lower than it already is, it runs out of gas and dies. Not sure how to fix this, but it does better when the gas tank is full.

Morgan also picked up a set of cushions for the redwood chairs. Now we can sit and watch the sun go down, at least until the mosquitoes take over. They were tested out today by a couple who was walking by. The woman had just had surgery and tired out halfway home so they asked to stop. I brought them water and they stayed for a bit before leaving.

The pump in the pond started to poop out, so I rigged up the larger pump that we got with the pond. The water was getting rather murky with just a little pump, but with this big one it has started to clear up. The waterfall is so much nicer now, too.

We added a fern or two and a few flowering plants that I'm not too sure about. The toads have set up shop in our pond which is delightful.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Morgan and her horses

Morgan has befriended a couple who operate a draft horse rescue out of their Greenland home and has made herself useful around their place. The couple work full-time jobs and welcome accomplished help that Morgan can give. Here she is brushing out a horse that she has been given responsibility for.

These two are meant for one another.

She also checks on the other horses there at the rescue and takes care of a horse that has been adopted by Cheryl Best, Morgan's best friend. These two are lucky to have Morgan and Cheryl. After a long while as work horses, they are totally spoiled now.

These are two of the other horses there at the rescue. Their hooves are as big as dinner plates.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Morgan is wanting a horse.

She's wanted one for quite some time now; 40 years or so. (The fact that she told me she is 29 makes this hard to believe, but I decided not to point that out.) We are looking at horses and places to put them.

The above is taken amongst a field of buttercups on a piece of land north of West Fork that is for lease.