Friday, January 7, 2011

Moving out

I handed over the keys to the old house yesterday. Funny that I have no keys to the new house. Odd that neither one is a home right now. I am homeless.

I think I am done with this blog. Andy will decide where and what and if he wants to blog about the new house but regardless this blog will stay since I no longer recall the password to the main account that controls it. I suppose it's a good thing that it will remain indefinitely.

I'll start another blog maybe or revive a dormant one or not bother with any of it. Right now I am leaning towards not bothering with any of it. We'll see.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Home fires

Tonight is my last night in the Robin Road house. The majority of our things should, by this time tomorrow, be in a home that we purchased a few miles away. We'll still have things to move come Monday, but I will be sleeping and living in our new place beginning tomorrow.

I'm trying to be excited about the new house, but that isn't coming very easily. I've tried to explain to my family why this is, but that seems to come even less easily. That's probably because I don't really know why myself. I can count the number of times that I have moved in my life on one hand and still have enough fingers left to tap along with the radio. Change is hard for me, and that might be part of it, but there's more to it that just that.

Most have told me that it's time that I bought a house. They quote how much money that I have wasted all of these years paying rent. I have made my own way through my life, I have lived on my own terms, and my life has never felt like one with any sort of waste in it. It's not in my nature to move from a place where I am happy just so I may own a house.

And I've never dreamed of owning a house. I never have. My dreams are of owning cool cars or the book that I want to make some day. I still dream of having adventures and of being someone great. But I never dream of owning a house. Yet, now I own one.

Not sure if we need to start a blog about the new house or just dovetail it in on this one. The neat freak in me wants a clean slate, but this has been about so many things that why can't it be about our new house now?