Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Morgan likes to blow things up, so Independence Day is one of her most favorite holidays. "I wish it were the Fourth of July every day," she said.

The idea of that is frightening, to be honest. We had quite the war zone over the house the past two days.

Laddie, Morgan's horse, is a big old boy. He seems thrilled about his new digs, too. There's grass to eat, for one. He doesn't pay much attention the two mares that are in his pasture with him, but he's all about the grass.

Over my vacation, I hauled two tons of topsoil and another half-ton of compost to nearly finish the beds along our eastern fence in the back yard. We're undecided about what to plant here, but I'm thinking oak-leafed hydrangea with a row of day lilies along the front edge. We'll see. Either way, it's better than the poison ivy that was there before.

I've also been trying to rectify the soil in the garden as the plants become spent. The area where the potatoes were is nearly free of the larger rocks and I've added compost in. Hopefully, after a fall of this, we'll have a better garden next year.