Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making progress

I finished (finally) spreading mulch around the big flower bed near the front door and planted some Ixiolirion pallasii bulbs near the back of the bed that I purchased from a school fundraiser. These are like day lilies only half the size or so and ice blue. Very pretty. They make me anxious for spring.

Morgan, Queen of Craigslist, found this cool garden pond and pump for $20. I put it in near the front door in a shady spot beneath the eaves of the house where plants will not be able to grow very well. Next, I'll build a spillway and place rocks along the edges of the pond. We still need to run electric to the outside of the house so we can power the pump for it since there are no exterior outlets, but already I like it being there. Maybe Dick or my father can help me scout this out and figure how to get electricity to the front of the house.

During my childhood, my father installed several fish ponds around the house where I grew up — his much bigger and more elaborate than this little pond — and I always liked sitting and watching the fish or, alternatively, annoying the fish while playing with my boats and Star Wars men in the water.

I finished the stone border that Morgan and Tad started and finished digging up all of the weeds and escaped Vinca. Morgan pruned the shrub at the corner of the house. The soil that I took from digging the garden pond, I spread around the neglected Azalea along the side of the house.

Next week, we'll get a bunch more mulch and spread it around.

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