Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Preparing the Mentos blast off

Tad's truck on Christmas morning. White Christmas!

The aftermath at our house.

Even Stinky Cat got a present, a stuffed mouse toy.

Tad and I burned this wood eagle puzzle toy thing. Because burning stuff is always fun!

Tad and Stinky.

Our 1st Christmas tree.

Antique toy tops. Neato!

Tad, Andy and my mom. Weirdos.

Andy and my mom. Earlier Andy was wearing the pointy hat which is actually a xmas decoration. Weirdo.

Tad in his snuggie and welder's mask. Weirdo. I have no idea where these people get it from. No idea.

My mom and the girls, Micah and Myriah. They got new chewy toys for presents.

Everyone was pleased with their haul at Mom's house.

Andy was not pleased with this haul of junk I bought at an auction back in the Summer. We left most of that box's contents there.

Tad and Andy checking out loot.

My mom and her fabulously wrapped presents. She always does these elaborate wrappings and decorations on her presents. It makes you a little sad almost to open them. Almost.

Andy opening a box! Neato!

Tad and Andy. That's what happens when you've been bad - Santa makes you wear the Christmas dunce cap.

Tad, Andy, Josh, and my dad.

My mom and her Christmas tree. It leaned a little.

Hope everyone had as much love and laughter over the holidays as we did over ours.

Love on!

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