Saturday, May 1, 2010


Morgan is wanting a horse.

She's wanted one for quite some time now; 40 years or so. (The fact that she told me she is 29 makes this hard to believe, but I decided not to point that out.) We are looking at horses and places to put them.

The above is taken amongst a field of buttercups on a piece of land north of West Fork that is for lease.

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  1. I understand that resistance is futile but understand this. A horse shit's more than it eats and you might as well buy a dumpster, a wheelbarrow and a good shovel as well. It's has a delicate digestive tract so be careful what you put in and how much. A horse that's down because of impacted bowel is not a pretty sight. It's feet need to be tended to at least every three months and this is important. A horse depends on it's feet to circulate blood as well as it's heart. Lose a foot, lose a horse. Have you ever wondered why they shoot a horse when it breaks a leg? It needs exercise and not a little it needs a lot. Horses are fickle and recalcitrant. To use a horse you need tackle and it ain't cheap.

    I tell you this as one who has lost tens of thousands of dollars in the horse business. I am a trained farrier and still have my tools and chaps.

    I once had two horses turn a quarter acre paddock into a shit filled wasteland in three weeks. When I put them in there it was horse high weeds. Horse need company, they do not do well alone.

    Do I regret the time and money I spent on horses? Not at all.