Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lazy bones

It's been a long time since I have posted any progress that we have made with the house, long enough to have to put up 10 photos.

Morgan contracted with a lawn care service which has sprayed a herbicide to kill the myriad weeds that have set up shop in our front lawn and a fertilizer for what little grass remains. We need to start overseeding once this cold snap moves through.

The plants that we put in during the fall have come up and we have added scores more in the front flower garden. It's starting to fill in, but we haven't had many days warm enough to get things going.

There are now fish in our fish pond and a very understated waterfall to keep them with enough air. The lily of the valley, Vinca and the ferns that we planted are quite happy. I'm not sure if we want to plant the Hosta and the coral bells here, though, since it gets a bit more sun in the middle of the day than I think they would like.

Morgan is not happy that there are ants on her peonies, and telling her that ants are always on peony buds hasn't helped much.

The pansies from the fall are still hanging around and the tulips didn't amount to much, but the peonies that we planted have come up and are doing well.

The shade garden along the east side of the house is coming along nicely, too. The first Hosta on the left side was tiny before we planted it in the nice soil that we made and now look at it!

Morgan's garden is slow to get going, but it's early yet. She has tomato, bean spinach and a bunch of stuff that we haven't put out yet.

We have been working on making a bed along the east fence in the back yard. I got a bad case of poison ivy after pulling all of the poison ivy out of the bed, but it's coming along. We're not sure what to plant in here once we get it filled with some topsoil, but I'm thinking some daylilies and burning bush.

We have bamboo that sprouts up overnight and grows so quickly. This has grown this much in a week.


The 2009 ice storm knocked down several trees in the back yard, this one included. I smoothed the ground around it and it's ready to be ground up.


  1. Wow! Everything is looking so good, can't wait until we can see it all in person.
    Tell Morgan that I felt the same way about the ants, but they eat away the wax that encloses the buds. If they don't do their job the bud won't be able to open.
    Love you!

  2. Bah. I can melt the wax away or pick at it or something. I don't like ants. Not in my pants and not on my peonies. And I want them to bloom NOWNOWNOW.

    We can't wait to see you guys either! Just a little over a month. We are getting you a peony for Mother's Day from the Peony Farm. I know Andy says he doesn't get you anything but a card for mother's day but we are going to the Peony Farm on Mother's Day so we are going to pick you out one also. Of course you won't get it until fall I think is how it works but that's okay. So what color do you want?