Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lights, camera, AUCTION!

Morgan and I went to the University of Arkansas surplus auction looking for a few more things for the house. We needed a desk of some sort for her office and something to put the television on, but were open to just about anything that we could put to use.

That's her in the center in the gray shirt.

And in the process, I learned something. Left unsupervised with a valid auction number, Morgan will buy a lot of stuff. I was able to stay for a bit before I had to head in to work and by the time I returned to check on her, we owned a huge desk; a cabinet; a former locker that we now have two of that will serve to hold the television and whatever else we wish to put in it; and several stools. We nearly came home with two large television camera lenses, an underwater video camera, an additional television and a VCR or two. I intervened.

But in addition to finding things to take home, she met several people whom we refer to by first name — one couple has actually agreed to have us over to their house, feed us a cookout and let Morgan ride their horses Sunday afternoon. I wonder if this would have happened if I had been there the whole time.

It's all very nice stuff and the house looks so much more like a home now with all of her purchases. And I'm so glad that she was able to meet some people and begin to work on making new friends. There's another surplus auction in December and this time, I might just drop her off at the gate.

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  1. Lies! All lies! Look at me sitting there - I am not holding up my bid card which means I am bidding on nothing!

    But ummmm yeah, I could have told you to call my dad and ask him what happens when Mom and I go to auctions. Really, truth be told, you got off pretty light.

    By the way, the underwater camera would have been cool as hell to play with in the bathtub and it went for just $27.50! That was a steal!

    ~smooches him up and wanders off to see what else she can get up to or in to~