Friday, August 21, 2009

Moving and previews

Total hodgepodge of photos. Too tired to bother with a neat organized entry. This gives you an idea of our move and the first few days in the new house. The house is fabulous and we love it but she sure needs some updating. Please notice the chandelier in the kitchen before Andy changed it and then the fabulous copper one that is hanging now. The thing was so awful that Andy changed it out our very first night here after he got off of work. It's as though the house was just never updated past the early 80's.'s already a wonderful home.

Stay tuned as our adventures will surely continue.

Love on!

Morgan and Andy


  1. Wow- your new house is great! First thing that went through my head when I saw the yard was "excellent Easter egg hiding potential". I think that will become my new standard for judging happy yards. I especially love your fireplace and dining room... Where DID you find that copper lamp? It's pretty perfect. If your updating is going slowly and you want to feel better about it, take a gander through our blog to find the tile that our current abode boasts. The sick part? I'm actually getting acclimated to it and becoming rather fond of it. Enjoy your new home!

  2. Tracy! This place might be the worst place for an Easter egg hunt. The kids would never find them in the two-foot-tall weeds. And then they would all get poison ivy.

    Actually, as a grown-up, that sounds like the best Easter Egg hunt ever. At least it would be entertaining.