Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And then it started to rain

It's Tuesday, my day off, a day that I normally work on the house, but it's raining. And it's been raining for days on end. I really had my heart set on doing some work outside, so I put on my boots and just got rained on.

First, I reworked a forgotten flower bed on the southeast corner of the yard near the street with the idea that Morgan can now plant a few Peony and whatever else she wants.

I neglected to shoot a photo of the two copperhead snakes in a nest under a rock in the bed. There were two; now there are four snakes. Some have heads, some have tails.

Then I mowed and edged the front lawn after finishing with the pressure washer on the front sidewalk.

The rest of the daylight hours I spent weeding the Vinca bed, making my way down the hill towards the back yard a bit more until I filled both of the yard waste cans and decided that I had been rained on enough for one day.

Once the sun went down, I put up a smoke alarm to replace the AC-powered one on the ceiling that was missing.

I wanted to get the one that talked instead of just whined an alarm sound. I thought we could get the one that said, "Get out! It's a fire!" or "Hey Morgan, your bagel is done!" But they were too expensive.

Don't you just love the happy green light?

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