Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Go fish!

Morgan, the queen of Craigslist, bought a 29-gallon aquarium and all of the periphery for $25. The tank gives a new home to her fish, Hamburger Bun and Starvin' Marvin, and also gave Morgan an excuse to go and buy two new fish, Twinkie and Ho-Ho.

Hamburger Bun really likes his new digs.

Starvin' Marvin, left, is not too sure about Twinkie, but I think they will all learn to get along in their new home.

We also visited a nursery east of Goshen where we found some Peony and planted them in the new heart-shaped flower bed that I made.

The snakes seem to have moved on, thankfully, but I did find two toads hanging out.

And then I worked on weeding the Vinca bed and cutting down the unwanted eastern red cedar and hackberry trees. We are thinking a dogwood or two would look good in this bed, in the center of the photo above.

It's starting to look good and with a little compost it should perk right up by spring.


  1. I used to name my goldfish after Gilligan's Island characters.

  2. That's not bad. Morgan's theme seems to wander a bit, but is for the most part centered around food items.

    Was Mary Ann hotter as a fish, too?