Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Settling in

I am nearly done removing the yews that were in front of the house and in the way of the planned perennial flower garden. We have arranged for horse manure to be delivered Friday, and I will be putting several bags in this bed. When compost is available later this fall, I will add some of that too.

I added mulch around the azaleas that are on the east side of the house and made a wandering sort of border with all of the rocks that I keep digging up in the flower garden. I would love to have had some compost to add to the bed, and I may do so when we can get some later this fall.

I finally found time to assemble a shelf and get the garage organized a bit. Pegboard would be nice, but for now it's nice to have everything out of the mound of cardboard boxes and where I can find everything.

And lastly, I installed a new shop light in the recessed light in the kitchen and Morgan found these really great lenses to replace the awful 70s grids that were in them. It looks and works really good now. Or, at least it looks better.


  1. Hamburger Bun is all excited because he thinks he is famous now. Unfortunately Starvin' Marvin is peeved off because he is sure this means you don't love him. No worries though, they'll both forget about it all within the next two minutes. =)