Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tale of two kitties

Sweat Socks, as I named our neighborhood cat, has been coming by lately for a free meal. I named him that because of his neat white feet.

Then Morgan started calling him Sweaty Kitty. And then just Sweaty. And now it's spiraled into Stinky, Sweaty Sweat Socks Kitty.

Poor Sweat Socks. He doesn't seem to mind, though. We can call him Brittany for all he cares, so long as we continue to feed him.

Sweat Socks was checking the progress I am making at removing the Lonicera and Hedera that are dominating the fence row on the western edge of the back yard.

Just that section from the tree to the start of the shrubs filled a yard waste can to overflowing, but it looks so much better.

Most of my efforts on my days off were spent fixing this Echo string trimmer that Morgan bought at auction a few weeks ago. She bought it cheaply because it was not running and the seller said it needed some carburetor work.

That was an understatement. But for $12.50, it's a bargain.

I received a carburetor kit and new fuel line in the mail last week and after a bit of tinkering, I think I have it running pretty well. It still tends to lean out if the throttle is opened quickly, but I'm going to continue to work on it. A new bilge and some more work to clean out the idle circuit jets should do the trick.

Lastly, I started planting some of the plants that Morgan bought and spread a little compost in there with them as well. We need quite a bit more compost.

Perhaps some more Hosta and Solomon's seal would be nice. I like very much what's happening along here, though.


  1. Cats are evil and have a way of getting even. Trust me on this. I have lots of experience and am still getting more.
    Do not call that cat Brittany.

  2. No worries. Sometimes I call him Sweaty, sometimes Stinky, sometimes just kitty. All cat names have to end in itty. Sweat Socks is impossible to call a kitty with - Here Sweat Sooooocks. It has to be something with an itty. That's just the law of cats.

  3. Brittany, with a little poetic license, works well then.


  4. Britty Titty? I am pretty sure Stinky isn't going to like that.