Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Auction goodies

The cabinets the TV is sitting on cost me $9 at the auction. It is two 6' tall cabinets that were used to house a mini fridge and microwave in student dorms. They just happened to be the exact right size for the space. I was enormously thrilled with this find and the price was right!

Hoppy! There are lots and lots of hoppys who live in our yards, both front and back. I am going to have to get some hoppy houses for them.

Tomorrow night we have company over for the first time. We are making pizzas which should be fun. It's a couple who are friends of Andy, very nice people. The idea of entertaining is nice. We had a bbq the other night over at some new friends' home - the folks I met at the auction. We had a great time there. Today has just been more projects and what not. Blah blah blah. Andy got the garage cleaned up and organized and it looks really nice now. He is really enjoying having a garage and having projects to do. It's fun - having projects - because it leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. Unfortunately I am running out of projects inside the house as far as decorating goes, or at least projects that the budget and time will allow for. Then again, there is still my son's room and my office/guest room to do! At any rate, things continue as life always does.

On a side note, Andy said my comment on his entry was a bit of a "rage" but I am not going to apologize for it because I am not the least bit sorry. I am highly protective of those I love. I have strong opinions that I am unafraid to share because I don't value or need the approval or acceptance of the masses. I am exactly who and what I am at all times. So it's pretty much lump it or leave it but at least people always know where they stand with me.
Love on!


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  2. I love the hoppy! We were innumdated with these guys when I lived in Frankfort - lots of fun to play with - and cause to make me walk slower than Christmas for fear of squishes. You guys have done wonderful things with the house - and in such short time! So glad you're enjoying it so much!